Tasnuba Export House

The garment is an article of clothing which covers the human body.

Wearing garments has become a habit for all of us in today’s world. There are different kinds of material available to make a dress, attire, apparel or garments. We wear clothing primarily to protect our body from natural elements. Social reasons and functional reasons are secondary.

More History 

Tasnuba Export House is 100% Export Oriented Garments manufacturer and Exporter.




What we bring to you

Business Function

Tasnuba Export House is 100% Export Oriented Garments Manufacturer and Exporter located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh

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We have established a successful business relationship with the foreign buyers. Always we are committed to meet the interest of both parties.

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Trades & Stocks

We are a team of some professional, efficient, qualified & dedicated people and we are always committed to give the exact service as per the buyer’s requirements.

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Strategic Planning

We are well informed and aware of the ever-changing trends of the industry to cater to the specific needs of our customer. We monitor the production at every stage to ensure the best quality in the business.

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Financial Projections

Our mission is to execute every order with dedication and perfection towards achieving quality & timely delivery of our products.

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Bonds & Commodities

Our whole team will work on your valuable query and will give you feedback from every possible corner. Therefore. you get the confidence to work with us.

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Tasnuba Export House & statistics

Tasnuba Export House 10 years of operation


350 clients in the world


1080 the project had finished


52 experts are working

This Product Items Ladies T-Shirt .

This Product item Ladies Polo shirt.

This Product ItemsLadies Hoody

This Product item Ladies pant

This Product ItemsLadies Suit Shirt

This Product Items Boys T-Shirt.